Frequently Asked Questions

Source of the data

The material within the Sydney Research Online Repository represents works (articles; book chapters; conference papers) collected by the Research Portfolio for the HERDC and ERA (Excellence in Research Australia) exercises. It represents the actual published work.


The material held within the SRO Repository is restricted to the staff and students of the University of Sydney only. Access is by UniKey log in and password.

Can I share the information with people outside of the University?

No. The material may only be accessed by staff and students of the University of Sydney for the purposes of research and study. You may not make copies and distribute it to any non University of Sydney member.


Material in the SRO is protected by copyright and must only be used for the purposes of research or study. No reproduction of the material is allowed.

For more information see the Copyright page.

What can I use the material for?

  • Reading list for students
  • Sharing material with colleagues internally
  • Hot link CV's
  • Lists of departmental outputs

How often is the repository updated?

SRO will be updated monthly.

What do I do if I find an error in the database?

If you find material that

  • Is wrongly attributed or the metadata is wrong
  • The digitisation is poor.

Contact the Sydney eScholarship Repository Coordinator

How do I make my work available on open access?

If you have material in the SRO and you want to make it available on open access via the Sydney eScholarship Repository contact the Sydney eScholarship Repository Coordinator. For information about submitting material to the Sydney eScholarship Repository please see - How to Submit

A note about the item information

The descriptive data for each research item has been taken from the data that is listed in the University's ERA Repository. It has been slightly filtered to remove information that is not relevant.

  • Citation: the citation has been created on the fly from data available in the ERA repository record.
  • Author order: the order of authors is base on the order in which these are stored in the ERA repository. The internal (University of Sydney) authors are first, followed by external authors of alphabetical order. - For citing purposes all details should be taken from the original work.