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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2012Pancreatic cancer genomes reveal aberrations in axon guidance pathway genesGill, Anthony; Kench, James; Lam, Vincent (Wai); Pavlakis, Nick; Richardson, Arthur; Samra, Jaswinder; Sandroussi, Charbel; Biankin, Andrew V.; et al, Various; Gingras, Marie-Claude; Johns, Amber; Kassahn, Karin S; Miller, David K; Muthuswamy, Lakshmi B.; Patch, Anne-Marie; Waddell, Nic; Wilson, Peter J; Wu, Jianmin; Northern Clinical School: Pathology; School of Medical Sciences: Pathology; Western Clinical School: Surgery; Northern Clinical School: Medicine; SAHCS: Surgery; Northern Clinical School: Surgery; Central Clinical School: MedicinePancreatic cancer genomes reveal aberrations in axon guidance pathway genes, Nature, vol.491, 7424, 2012,pp 399-405
2013Somatic Point Mutation Calling in Low Cellularity TumorsGill, Anthony; Anderson, Matthew; Biankin, Andrew V.; Bruxner, Timothy; Chang, David K.; Christ, Angelika; Cowley, Mark; Fink, Lynn; Grimmond, Sean Michael; Harliwong, Ivon; Holmes, Oliver; Idrisoglu, Senel; Johns, Amber; Kassahn, Karin; Leonard, Conrad; Manning, Suzanne; Miller, David K; Newell, Felicity; Nones, Katia; Nourbakhsh, Eshan; Nourse, Craig; Pajic, Marina; Patch, Anne-Marie; Pearson, John V; Pinese, Mark; Song, Sarah; Steptoe, Anita; Taylor, Darrin; Waddell, Nicola; Wani, Shivangi; Wilson, Peter J; Wood, Scott; Wu, Jianmin; Xu, Qingying; Northern Clinical School: PathologySomatic Point Mutation Calling in Low Cellularity Tumors, PLoS One, vol.8, 11, 2013,pp 1-10