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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2002Aerosolization of protein solutions using thermal inkjet technologyChan, Hak-Kim (Kim); Chew, Nora; Auriac, Dion; Goodall, Stephen; Waters, Michael J.; Pharmacy; PharmacyAerosolization of protein solutions using thermal inkjet technology, Journal of Aerosol Medicine-Deposition Clearance and Effects in the Lung, vol.15,(3),2002,pp 351-357
2003Hyperinsulinism and overgrowth without obesityBaxter, Robert; Srinivasan, Shubha; Rowland, JE; Verge, C; Waters, Michael J.; Northern Clinical School: Kolling Institute; MedicineHyperinsulinism and overgrowth without obesity, Archives of Disease in Childhood, vol.88,(4),2003,pp 332-334