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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2014Subhaloes gone notts: The clustering properties of subhaloesElahi, Pascal; Ascasibar, Y.; Behroozi, P.; Gaztanaga, Enrique; Giocoli, Carlo; Han, Jiaxin; Knebe, Alexander; Lux, Hanni; Muldrew, S.I.; Neyrinck, Mark; Onions, J.; Pearce, F.; Potter, Doug; Pujol, Arnau; Skibba, Ramin; Tweed, Dylan; PhysicsSubhaloes gone notts: The clustering properties of subhaloes, Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society, vol.438, 4, 2014,pp 3205-3221
2016Sussing merger trees: Stability and convergenceElahi, Pascal; et al, Various; Han, Jiaxin; Helly, John C.; Jung, Intae; Pearce, Alexander; Pearce, Frazer; Schneider, Aurel; Srisawat, Chaichalit; Tweed, Dylan; Wang, Yang; PhysicsSussing merger trees: Stability and convergence, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol.459, 2, 2016,pp 1554-1568