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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2012Adaptive optics for the CHARA arrayIreland, Michael; Tuthill, Peter; Brummelaar, Theo ten; Che, X.; McAlister, Harold A; Monnier, J D; Ridgway, Stephen; Sturmann, Judit; Sturmann, Laszlo; Turner, Nils; Physics; PhysicsAdaptive optics for the CHARA array, Proceedings of SPIE (vol. 8447): Adaptive Optics Systems III, vol.8447, 2012, pp. 84473I-1-84473I-10
2012Validation of the exoplanet Kepler-21b using PAVO/CHARA long-baseline interferometryBedding, Timothy; Huber, Daniel; Ireland, Michael; Maestro, Vincente; Tuthill, Peter; White, Timothy; Farrington, C; Goldfinger, P J; Howell, Steve B.; McAlister, Harold A; Merand, A; Schaefer, Gail H.; Sturmann, Judit; Sturmann, Laszlo; ten Brummelaar, Theo; Turner, Nils; Physics; Physics; Physics; Physics; Physics; PhysicsValidation of the exoplanet Kepler-21b using PAVO/CHARA long-baseline interferometry, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Letters (Online), vol.423, 1, 2012,pp L16-L20