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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2006Deriving a SNOMED CT Data ModelInnes, Kerry; Patrick, Jon; Truran, Donna; Zhang, Ming; NCCH; Schl Information Technologies; NCCH; Schl Information TechnologiesDeriving a SNOMED CT Data Model, SMCS 2006 Semantic Mining Conference on SNOMED CT,,(),2006,pp N/A-N/A
2006Evaluation of a Persistent Store for openEHRLy, Richard; Patrick, Jon; Truran, Donna; Schl Information Technologies; Schl Information Technologies; NCCHEvaluation of a Persistent Store for openEHR, Proceedings 2006: HIC 2006 and HINZ 2006 Conference Proceedings, vol.N/A,(),2006,pp CD-ROM-N/A
2002Specificity in ICD-10-AMInnes, Kerry; Saad, Patricia; Truran, Donna; Stevanovic, Vladimir; NCCH; NCCH; NCCHSpecificity in ICD-10-AM, Meeting of the Heads of WHO Centres, vol.1,(),2002,pp 1-23