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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2004Hip Girth As A Predictor Of Abdominal Adiposity In Postmenopausal WomenAllen, Barry; Baber, Rodney; Hansen, Ross; Raja, Chand; Physics; Northern Clinical School: Obstetrics & Gynaecology; Northern Clinical School: Medicine; Exercise & Sport ScienceHip Girth As A Predictor Of Abdominal Adiposity In Postmenopausal Women, Nutrition: an international journal of applied and basic nutritional science, vol.20,(9),2004,pp 772-777
2005Intralesional targeted alpha therapy for metastatic melanoma.Allen, Barry; Li, Yong; Thompson, John; Graham, Peter; Kearsley, John H.; Raja, Chand; Reisfeld, Ralph A.; Rizvi, Syed M. Abbas; Tsui, wendy; Physics; Medicine; Central Clinical School: SurgeryIntralesional targeted alpha therapy for metastatic melanoma., Cancer Biology & Therapy, vol.4,(12),2005,pp 1318-1324
2004Targeted Alpha Therapy For CancerAllen, Barry; Kearsley, John; Qu, Changfa; Song, Emma; Thompson, John; Graham, Peter; Li, Yong; Raja, Chand; Rizvi, Syed; Tsui, wendy; Zhang, David; Physics; Medicine; Medicine; Medicine; Central Clinical School: SurgeryTargeted Alpha Therapy For Cancer, Physics in Medicine and Biology, vol.49,(16),2004,pp 3703-3712