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2006Lymphadenectomy for papillary thyroid cancer: changes in practice over four decades.Delbridge, Leigh; Reeve, Thomas; Robinson, Bruce; Sidhu, Stanley; Sywak, Mark; Gosnell, Jessica E; Palazzo, F Fausto; Savio, Robert M.; Northern Clinical School: Surgery; Surgery; Northern Clinical School: Medicine; Northern Clinical School: Surgery; Northern Clinical School: SurgeryLymphadenectomy for papillary thyroid cancer: changes in practice over four decades., European Journal of Surgical Oncology, vol.32,(3),2006,pp 340-344
2004Minimal-Access/Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy For Primary Hyperparathyroidism.Delbridge, Leigh; Palazzo, F Fausto; Northern Clinical School: SurgeryMinimal-Access/Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy For Primary Hyperparathyroidism., Surgical Clinics of North America, vol.84,(3),2004,pp 717-734
2017A role for TET2 in parathyroid carcinomaGill, Anthony; Norlen, Olov; Sidhu, Stan; Barazeghi, Elham; Dina, Roberto; Hellman, Per; Palazzo, F Fausto; Stalberg, Peter; Westin, Gunnar; Northern Clinical School: Pathology; Central Clinical School: Department of Endocrinology at RPAH; Northern Clinical School: Kolling InstituteA role for TET2 in parathyroid carcinoma, Endocrine-Related Cancer, vol.24, 7, 2017,pp 329-338