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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2002Genetic Testing for MelanomaKefford, Richard (Rick); Bergman, Wilma; Bianchi-ScarrĂ¡, Giovanna; Bressac de Paillerets, Bridgitte; Elder, David; Goldstein, Alisa; Hansson, Johan; Hayward, Nicholas; Mackie, Rona; Newton-Bishop, Julia; Olsson, Hakan; Puig, Susana; Tucker, Margaret; Western Clinical School: Westmead Millennium InstituteGenetic Testing for Melanoma, Lancet Oncology, vol.3,(11),2002,pp 653-654
2007Time to diagnosis of melanoma: same trend in different continentsMenzies, Scott; Avramidis, Michelle; Blum, Andreas; Ingvar, Christian; Olsson, Hakan; Rezze, Gisele G.; Von Kannen, Andreas; Wennberg, Ann-Marie; Westerhoff, Karin; Central Clinical School: MedicineTime to diagnosis of melanoma: same trend in different continents, Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery: incorporating medical and surgical dermatology, vol.11,(4),2007,pp 137-144