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2006Keck interferometer observations of FU Orionis objectsTuthill, Peter; Akeson, R L; Beichman, C; Berger, J.-P; Billmeier, R; Boden, A; Booth, A.; Calvet, N; Colavita, M; Creech-Eakman, M; D'Alessio, P; Gathright, J; Hartmann, L; Hillenbrand, L A; Hrynevych, M; Koresko, C; Kuchner, M; Le Mignant, D; Ligon, R; Melnikov, S; Mennesson, B; Millan-Gabet, R.; Monnier, J D; Neyman, C; Sargent, A; Shao, M.; Swain, M; Tannirkulam, A; Thompson, R; Traub, W A; Unwin, S; van Belle, G; Vasisht, G; Wizinowich, P; PhysicsKeck interferometer observations of FU Orionis objects, The Astrophysical Journal: an international review of astronomy and astronomical physics, vol.641,(1),2006,pp 547-555