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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2007Canine DLA diversity: 1. New alleles and haplotypes.Fleeman, Linda; Barnes, A.; Brkljacic, M.; Brown, J. J.; Francino, O.; Happ, G. M.; Kennedy, L. J.; Knyazev, S.; Lester, S.; Ollier, W. E. R.; Seddon, J.; Short, A.; Vet Clinical ScienceCanine DLA diversity: 1. New alleles and haplotypes., Tissue Antigens: immune response genetics, vol.69,(suppl 1),2007,pp 272-288
2002Cryptococcosis in ferrets: a diverse spectrum of clinical diseaseFrance, Malcolm; Karaoglu, Haydar; Krockenberger, Mark; Love, Daria; Malik, Richard; Martin, Patricia; Meyer, Wieland; Obrien, C; Alderton, B.; Finlaison, D.; Lester, S.; McGill, J.; Lab Animal Service; Agriculture Faculty Admin; Vet Science Faculty; Vet Science Faculty; Postgrad Fndtn Vet Scnc; Vet Science Faculty; Western Clinical School: Medicine (Westmead); Animal ScienceCryptococcosis in ferrets: a diverse spectrum of clinical disease, Australian Veterinary Journal, vol.80,(12),2002,pp 749-755