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2015Treat-And-Extend Regimens with Anti-Vegf Agents in Retinal DiseasesMitchell, Paul; Devenyi, Robert; Framme, Carsten; Freund, K Bailey; Galic, John; Herbert, Edward; Hoerauf, Hans; Korobelnik, Jean Francois; Lanzetta, P; Michels, Stephan; Mones, Jordi; Regillo, Carl; Tadayoni, Ramin; Talks, James; Wolf, Sebastian; Western Clinical School: Westmead Institute for Medical ResTreat-And-Extend Regimens with Anti-Vegf Agents in Retinal Diseases, Retina: the Journal of Retinal and Vitreous Diseases, vol.35, 8, 2015,pp 1489-1506