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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2015Axonal excitability in primary amyloidotic neuropathyBurke, David; Ng, Karl; Coyle, Luke; Ghaoui, Roula; Hafner, Jessica; Central Clinical School: Medicine; Central Clinical School: MedicineAxonal excitability in primary amyloidotic neuropathy, Muscle and Nerve, vol.51, 3, 2015,pp 443-445
2015Thermal quantitative sensory testing: A study of 101 control subjectsBarnes, Elizabeth; Ng, Karl; Wrigley, Paul; Hafner, Jessica; Joester, Jenna; Lee, Geoffrey; Lynch, Mary; NH&MRC Clinical Trials Centre; Central Clinical School: Medicine; Northern Clinical School: MedicineThermal quantitative sensory testing: A study of 101 control subjects, Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, vol.22, 3, 2015,pp 588-591