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2014Clinical features of endemic community-acquired psittacosisBranley, James; Dwyer, Dominic; Sorrell, Tania; England, J; Weston, KM; Nepean Clinical School: Medicine; Western Clinical School: Medicine (Westmead); Western Clinical School: Westmead Millennium InstituteClinical features of endemic community-acquired psittacosis, New Microbes and New Infections, vol.2, 1, 2014,pp 7-12
2005Probable psittacosis outbreak linked to wild birds.Branley, James; McAnulty, Jeremy; Correll, P; Dwyer, D; England, J; Hort, Krishna P.; Moberley, Sarah A.; Muscatello, David J.; Telfer, B.; Nepean Clinical School: Medicine; School of Public Health: Public HealthProbable psittacosis outbreak linked to wild birds., Emerging Infectious Diseases, vol.11,(3),2005,pp 391-7