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2013VAST: An ASKAP survey for variables and slow transientsBanyer, Jay; Bell, Martin; Curran, James; Farrell, Sean; Gaensler, Bryan; Green, Anne; Hancock, Paul; Lo, Kitty; Murphy, Tara; Bignall, H E; Bower, G C; Cameron, R.A.; Chatterjee, S; Cordes, J.M.; Coward, D.M.; Croft, Steve; Djorgovski, S.G; et al, Various; Kaplan, David L.; Physics; Physics; Schl Information Technologies; Physics; Physics; Physics; Physics; Physics; PhysicsVAST: An ASKAP survey for variables and slow transients, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia (Online), vol.30, 1, 2013,pp 1-27