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2016Chemical separation of disc components using RAVEBland-Hawthorn, Jonathan (Joss); Bienayme, Olivier; Binney, J; Boeche, Corrado; Gibson, Bradley Kenneth; Grebel, Eva; Just, Andreas; Kordopatis, G; Matijevic, Gal; McMillan, Paul; Navarro, Julio F.; Parker, Quentin A.; Reid, W; Seabroke, G; Siebert, Arnaud; Steinmetz, Matthias; Watson, F; Wojno, Jennifer; Wyse, Rosemary F G; Zwitter, T; PhysicsChemical separation of disc components using RAVE, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol.461, 4, 2016,pp 4246-4255