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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2013Antilensing: The Bright Side of VoidsBolejko, Krzysztof; Bacon, David; Beynon, Emma; Clarkson, Chris; Maartens, Roy; Meures, Nikolai; PhysicsAntilensing: The Bright Side of Voids, Physical Review Letters, vol.110, N/A, 2013,pp 1-5
2014Cosmology with Doppler lensingBolejko, Krzysztof; Andrianomena, S.; Bacon, David; Clarkson, Chris; Maartens, Roy; PhysicsCosmology with Doppler lensing, Royal Astronomical Society. Monthly Notices, vol.443, 3, 2014,pp 1900-1915
2013Radio Continuum Surveys with Square Kilometre Array PathfindersBell, Martin; Feain, Ilana Joanne; Gaensler, Bryan; Afonso, J; Bacon, David; Beck, R.; Best, P.; Beswick, Rob J.; Bhatnagar, S.; Bonafede, Annalisa; Brunetti, G; Budavari, Tamas; et al, Various; Norris, Ray P; Physics; Physics; PhysicsRadio Continuum Surveys with Square Kilometre Array Pathfinders, Astronomical Society of Australia. Publications (Print), vol.30, 1, 2013,pp 1-54