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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2006Dispersive wave blue-shift in supercontinuum generationAustin, Dane; de Sterke, Carel (Martijn); Eggleton, Benjamin; Brown, Thomas G.; Physics; Physics; PhysicsDispersive wave blue-shift in supercontinuum generation, OPTICS EXPRESS 2005, vol.14,(25),2006,pp 11997-12007
2007Laboratory evidence for stochastic plasma-wave growthAustin, Dane; Cairns, Iver; Hole, Matthew; Robinson, Peter; Dallaqua, R.S; Physics; Physics; Physics; PhysicsLaboratory evidence for stochastic plasma-wave growth, Physical Review Letters, vol.99,(205004),2007,pp 1-4
2006Narrowband supercontinuum control using phase shapingAustin, Dane; Bolger, Jeremy; de Sterke, Carel (Martijn); Eggleton, Benjamin; Physics; Physics; Physics; PhysicsNarrowband supercontinuum control using phase shaping, OPTICS EXPRESS 2005, vol.14,(26),2006,pp 13142-13150
2007Tunable spectral enhancement of fiber supercontinuumAustin, Dane; Bolger, Jeremy; de Sterke, Carel (Martijn); Eggleton, Benjamin; Kuhlmey, Boris; Yeom, Dong; Marshall, Graham D; Withford, Michael J; Physics; Physics; Physics; Physics; Physics; PhysicsTunable spectral enhancement of fiber supercontinuum, Optics Letters, vol.32, 12, 2007,pp 1644-1646