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2013G306.3-0.9: A newly discovered young galactic supernova remnantGaensler, Bryan; Loi, Shyeh; Moss, Vanessa; Murphy, Tara; Reeves, Sarah; Robbins, Williams; G├╝ltekin, Kayhan; Gehrels, Neil; Gelbord, Jonathan; Kennea, Jamie; Kuin, Paul; Maitra, Dipankar; Miller, Jon; Petre, Robert; Reis, Rubens; Reynolds, Mark; Siegel, Michael; Physics; Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng; Physics; Physics; Physics; PhysicsG306.3-0.9: A newly discovered young galactic supernova remnant, The Astrophysical Journal: an international review of astronomy and astronomical physics, vol.766, 2, 2013,pp 1-6