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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2010Purely Dispositional WorldsChoi, Sungho; PhilosophyPurely Dispositional Worlds in Worldviews, Science and Us: Studies of Analytical Metaphysics. A Selection of Topics from a Methodological Perspective, World Scientific Publishing, 2010, pp. 44-63
2006Does quantum electrodynamics have an arrow of time?Atkinson, David; PhilosophyDoes quantum electrodynamics have an arrow of time?, Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, vol.37,(N/A),2006,pp 528-541
2007Quining NaturalismPrice, Huw; PhilosophyQuining Naturalism, Journal of Philosophy, vol.104,(8),2007,pp 375-402
2006Shaping your Own LifePeijnenburg, Jeanne; PhilosophyShaping your Own Life, Metaphilosophy, vol.37,(2),2006,pp 240-253
2007Causes and probability-raisers of processesChoi, Sungho; PhilosophyCauses and probability-raisers of processes, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, vol.85,(1),2007,pp 81-91
2007There is no simpliciter simpliciterBraddon-Mitchell, David; Miller, Kristie; Philosophy; PhilosophyThere is no simpliciter simpliciter, Philosophical Studies: an international journal for philosophy in the analytic tradition, vol.136,(N/A),2007,pp 249-278
2007Hegel, Idealism and God: Philosophy as the Self-Correcting Appropriation of the Norms of Life and ThoughtRedding, Paul; PhilosophyHegel, Idealism and God: Philosophy as the Self-Correcting Appropriation of the Norms of Life and Thought, Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, vol.3,(2-3),2007,pp 16-31
2006Probability all the way upAtkinson, David; Peijnenburg, Jeanne; Philosophy; PhilosophyProbability all the way up, Synthese, vol.153,(N/A),2006,pp 187-197
2007Causation and Counterfactual DependenceChoi, Sungho; PhilosophyCausation and Counterfactual Dependence, Erkenntnis: An International Journal of Analytic Philosophy, vol.67,(1),2007,pp 1-16
2006Common causes in the direction of causationWeslake, Bradley; PhilosophyCommon causes in the direction of causation, Minds and Machines: journal for artificial intelligence, philosophy and cognitive sciences, vol.16,(3),2006,pp 239-257